Motor Trading From Home

If you are getting started in the motor trade, then there’s a good chance you will be operating from home. This means that you might not actually need to insure a lot, and may just need a Third Party Only Road Risk insurance policy, covering you for being a part-time motor trader. However, if you do work from your home instead of a specific business premises, then you may find that the cost of your insurance policy may be impacted in different ways, especially if you don’t have a safe place to store the vehicles in your possession.

Trading From A Business Premises

When you are a motor trader that has their own business premises, whether you are a part-time motor trader or even a full-time motor trader, then your Trade Car insurance policy will be different to someone that operates from home. This is because you may find you want additional cover for items kept on the premises; items such as vehicles in your possession and any tools and/or machinery that you have for your motor trade operation. All of this can be added to a part-time Traders insurance policy and any good insurance broker will be able to tell you what sort of cover you need.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

When you are starting out as a motor trader, which is what a lot of traders with Part-Time Motor Trade insurance are doing, you may be wary of the costs involved. One of the areas of the business you may seek to cut costs on, could be on your insurance policy. You may find that your insurance broker may offer you an insurance policy with additional levels of cover, and this can often mean the insurance policy you are advised to take out is more expensive than what you were willing to pay in the first place. However, getting the advised level of cover could save you money in the future.

Combined Insurance

Taking out a Motor Trade Combined insurance policy from an insurance broker can often be the best course of action depending on what type of motor trader you are. If you are a part-time mechanic and you are seeking a Part-Time Mechanic insurance policy, you will want to ensure you are covered for the motors you work on. This can include having a Combined Motor Trade insurance policy with certain Liability insurance products included such as Product Liability insurance. This type of insurance covers the products you fit to a customer’s motor, and in the event that something goes wrong as a result of a faulty part or fitting error, then you should be covered.

Demonstration Cover

A lot of part-time motor traders are often people that start by selling cars alongside their current occupation or non-motor trade business. Any insurance broker will tell you that you will need Demonstration Cover and that’s because if you want to succeed it’s an essential Motor Trade insurance product for part-time motor traders, as it allows potential customers to test drive the motors you are selling. If they don’t have their own Car insurance policy that allows them to drive other cars, and you don’t have Demonstration Cover, they won’t legally be able to test drive their motor of choice, and if anything happens, you could end up having to cover the cost of any damage they cause, out of your own pocket.


Being a part-time motor trader means that you will need to take out a Part-Time Motor Trade insurance policy, and if you are just starting out in the motor trade then it might be a good idea to find a reputable Motor Trade insurance broker to help you pick the right level of cover for you part-time motor trade business. Having the wrong level of cover could mean you end up out of pocket if something that isn’t insured is stolen or damaged. Even if you are a seasoned part-time trader you may find that your business has changed at renewal, and insurance products you didn’t previously need would now be valuable additions to your Part-Time Motor Trade insurance policy.